Oh wow!!! So so good, thank you. Love how you have got a steady tempo all the way through to keep the kids calm. Mentioning all the places along the street is great too! All sounds great. Really pleased with it!” - Emma Postance - Adventure Street

Adventure Street is a children's role play centre near Wolverhampton England. They wanted to produce their very own tidy up song featuring all of the areas within the centre where kids can let their imaginations run wild - from dining in Paula's cafeteria to tending to the horses at Baggeridge stables! There are so many roles for the children to play but beware! If there are children running the police station, they will arrest all adults on sight and you WILL be thrown in jail!

We worked closely with Adventure Street on delivering a song that was just the right tempo and with all the relevant information included to encourage them to have fun tidying up. The song has been a hit in the play centre and now features on all internet streaming sites as well as here on our website where it's available to download. Check out the link below and here's what our clients thought of their song.