The Frontline Project - Songs written for frontliners and key-workers. Have your story told through music!

Download this song at any price you'd like. 100% of the download money will go into the production of the next song. Maybe that song could be yours?  SEE BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE FRONTLINE PROJECT

Working The Frontline

Jim Duncan

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Working The Frontline

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This song was written during the 1st lockdown to show appreciation to all the front line and key worker staff who are still doing an incredible job!

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The Frontline Project 

A day in the life of a ... 

paramedic, covid assessment worker, GP, care home worker and of course, hospital doctors and nurses. If you have been classed as a key worker or being on the frontline, inside or outside of the NHS, then this project is for you. 

My name is Jim Duncan from Biggar in Scotland. I am a professional songwriter and I'd like to introduce you to The Frontline Project. 

This project has been set up to offer a service to those who deserve it so much. Typically if you are a health care worker you'll not need any form of gratitude, it's not about you it's about others and you're just getting on with your job... I know what you're like! Well I believe, like many others, that you do deserve some gratitude and as a songwriter, that's what I have to offer. 

The song "Working on the Frontline" was written out of appreciation for your efforts and was recorded in a day at the Washoose Studios in Crawfordjohn by myself and close compadres Steve Johnstone (keyboard), Bone and Jamie Graham on the desk. It's available for download and when someone downloads the song, the money goes into the creation of a new song and so on, making a self-sustaining music project. 

As soon as there is enough download money in the pot to create the next track, someone who downloaded the song will be randomly selected and contacted to have a song written for them in a style, genre and subject of their choosing. It'll be your song so it can be about anything you like but we are looking to create musical reflective accounts of your day and how it makes you feel. However, this is an arts project, therefore each song will be carefully crafted to suit your needs and reflect your feelings, and as I have many friends and family who work in the NHS and from my experience... dare I say... most of you have a pretty wicked and slightly warped sense of humour, so I can expect the unexpected when it comes to what kind of song you'd like to create. That's OK though, I would welcome some humorous songs as dark as they may be, humour is one of the greatest tools at your disposal to get you through your day so bring it on I say! 

The Frontline Project has been designed to be self-sustaining and 100% of the money raised from the download of the songs goes back into the production of someone else's song and story and so on, creating a musical account of - A day in the life of a...

This project would not have been possible without the generosity of Dr Colin Cunningham