After watching a Stand Up To Cancer programme on channel 4, which featured Charlie's Story, Jim contacted Charlie's parents to ask if Charlie would like his very own song for free. Everyone agreed it would be a fun and uplifting experience for all parties and together they worked on a brief for the song that would see Charlie become a super-hero, fighting crime with his side-kick, and faithful friend, Eric the Wonder Pup. Everyone was fully aware however, that Charlie was actually already a super-hero! BBC Radio Berkshire have championed the song and it is now available to download. With your help. it could even get to no.1. All the proceeds from download sales goes directly to Charlie. (It's an expensive game fighting crime!) 

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Jim wrote my son a song when he found out my son had cancer ,it's brilliant ,my son Charlie loves it ,it's been played on the radio station and it made him feel really special xxxx”

— Toni Ilsley

In loving memory.

Charlie Isley

2007 - 2020