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Hi, my name is Jim Duncan and I have been teaching guitar and songwriting for over 20 years. If you are a frustrated creative and yearn to be able to translate those thoughts from your head into an artform then get in touch. I offer tuition from home, online or will travel depending on distance. Rates are variable depending on which service you require. We all need to vent somehow, and for me, getting lost in the world of creation is the perfect antidote to modern day problems. I passionately believe that playing an instrument and writing songs can have a profoundly positive effect on your well-being. It's good for the soul! All ages are welcome so what are you waiting for....

These are hard times for everyone and I hope to try and bring a bit of joy through music! In the meantime, all tips go towards recording these songs which keeps me in the game and are therefore very much appreciated.

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