A Forthcoming Environment Themed Music Concept Album Featuring...

U.F.O. Unidentified Federal Organisation, is a music concept album written by Jim Duncan after an environmental organisation called the Human Survival Foundation suggested that Jim should write some music about social injustice and the environment. Being an environmentalist, Jim jumped in with both feet, and the resulting 20 track monster album was born. This album is very much a grass roots album and has been largely funded to date by Jim himself, and a small but ever growing list of small business sponsors who have very kindly helped to make this possible. Our sponsors are, human survival foundation, Biggar Music Development Group, The Crown Inn, The Elphingstone HotelAtlas Hoist and Winch and The Horse and Jockey. If you are a business or an individual who would like to become a track sponsor, please get in touch. All proceeds of the album sales will be going to Marine Conservation Society who do incredibly important work in oceanic protection and what's more; a tree will be planted with every download of the album.

It was an honor and a pleasure as a voice-over artist to participate in Jim's project because of its true artistic essence. I'm way past merely believing that unexplained aerial constructs and their advanced humanoid operators exist. Now to me, it's all about art and entertainment as a builder of awareness indicating the coming leap in mass consciousness implicit as more and more people are confronted with the reality of these aerodynamically hyper-advanced manifestations and their organic occupants. Former British Government Defense Executive Lord Hill Norton is quoted as saying he believes there were at least 23 varieties of ships. ”

— Dan Aykroyd - Voiceover Artist