Musical Memoirs - Your life in song

Life Stories or fictional work.

Single songs or complete albums.

Musical Memoirs offers a unique way to capture your life's story in a way that can be accessed  by loved ones or fans with ease forever. It's easy to listen to music whilst relaxing, travelling on the bus or train, whilst driving in the car or out for a jog, but reading a book is not always as accessible a format as music, so whether you are creating a musical version of your book to accompany and aid in your books promotion, (music is far more "shareable" than text) or if you are just looking to capture your life story in song, then please get in touch. The songwriting process is a highly enjoyable one, so you can travel on the musical journey with your story, selecting genres, instruments, talking about your cherished stories and the people in them and creating a musical representation of the love, hate, joy, sorrow - all the emotions entailed that will come to life through the music to portray the events of your life.

The Process

When you commission Musical Memoirs to produce your song or album, you will work closely with Jim to arrange the details of the piece. Whether it's memoirs, biography, autobiography or a fictional piece, Jim will meet with you in person (if possible) or chat to you about your life via zoom chats or phone calls, recording the conversations for reference and then the fun begins.

You get to select the kind of music you would like to frame your story in, although sometimes the stories themselves dictate that. It's a highly creative process and your contribution is important but Jim will help guide you through the process in it's entirety, so there is no pressure and nothing to fear about the production. It's a lot of fun!

The Finished Piece

You will receive your finished piece in a number of formats including a digital version in WAV and Mp3 and a small run of hard copy CD's to share with your friends and family. Larger runs of CD's can be produced and a commercial release service is available if you'd like to release your song or album.

The album artwork is another area of creative expression and you can provide photo's or artwork to be included or this can be provided.

If you already have your book and are looking to create a musical version, then the content will already be there but if not, Jim will carefully craft your stories into a timeline of your life.