Packages & Pricing


Option 1 - £75

Option 1 includes a complete set of custom lyrics, written and recorded by Jim, and sung in the studio onto one of our template songs of your choosing. Our template songs are performed by the finest musicians, and each track will be mixed and mastered with your lyrics, to create a full band professional sounding track! To hear our template songs, check out the template song section which can be found in the drop down menu on the Packages, Pricing and Payment tab. Keep checking in from time to time, as we will be adding new template songs to our collection as often as possible.

Option 2 - £200

It doesn't get more personal than this! Option 2 includes a complete song, written specifically for you. Jim will liaise with you to gather as much information as possible to create a truly special and unique gift. This song will be recorded with acoustic guitar and vocals. Please check out the Option 2 sample section in the drop down menu on the Packages, Pricing & Payment tab.

Option 3 - £350

Option 3 adds other musical instruments for a richer and fuller sound. The instruments used will vary depending on the feel and style of the track. These songs typically take a day and a half in the studio to produce. An example can be heard in the Option 3 section in the drop down menu on the Packages, Pricing & Payment tab.

Option 4 (Deluxe) - £800+ 

This is our big production package! We will create a song for you using the finest musician to deliver the highest quality gift possible. This Option includes a full band production and can have the added extra's of live strings, brass section and backing vocals group. The price starts at £800 for a full band sound and if you'd like a few extra live instruments, their costs can be arranged in advance. Cost's typically range from £800 - £1,250. An example can be heard in the Option 4 section in the drop down menu on the Packages, Pricing & Payment tab. If you are interested in our commercial option which would involve releasing your song in the charts, there is an extra fee of £30 applied and terms and conditions apply. Please see our terms and conditions page.


During check out, please provide as much key song information as possible in the notes section as well as your phone number. Examples of the kind of information we need can be found in the Key Song Information drop down box in the Contact tab. There is also a form on that page for additional information.